Saturday, January 31, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Lousiana – Part 3 – The Final Leg.

Welcome to the last and final installment of the weekend of insanity.

So lets get to it….what happened after that fabulous day at the casinos, and the spa….ahhh well we got stupid.

It all began with truck stop shopping. Didn't think it was possible? Well it is. I will tell you about the best part of truck stop find great stuff at great prices. The saddest part of this whole thing was is that we didn’t find any…not for a while. And we went to 4 stops we went to. No trucker hats!!

How can you go to truck stop and have no trucker hats! Why did we need one? Who cares?! It was just the principle of it! Truck stops are known for their trucker hats. Lose that and you lose that great piece of Americana. What is Americana, no clue? But it sounds pretty darn funny.

The other funny notion about truck stops in Louisiana...there were casino's everywhere!!! This is the best thing possible. Not only can you gamble at a hotel but you can do it while you gas up! That's a two for one right there. Forget some money, only have a dollar in change; well you could walk away with $300 and full tank. Now that is beyond beautiful. And Texas doesn't have it! What is up with that?! Fer shame, fer shame.

Well we returned to the land of big belt buckles and ten gallon hats, move over Willie Nelson! I have to say that even though it was fun being away from Texas, there was a little joy at driving across the border and seeing the “Drive Friendly the Texas way”, which means in a huge pick up truck.

What most people don’t realize is that when you’re traveling you need music to lighten up the long drive. And boy did we use music. There is a certain flare to blasting Bon Jovi over the massive sound speakers. “We’re half way there, living on a prayer!” Yes them’s there great words!

But the highlight of the drive was hearing the classic one hit wonder “Here Comes the Hotstepper.” Singing in the car is America’s past time. Why it’s how American Idol came about. If it wasn’t for singing in the car and shower, Simon Cowell would be out of a job. That man would be best fit to be a bouncer at a karaoke bar. That thought has merit, definitely something worth exploring.

So anyhoo, we’re there jamming, listening to 80’s and rocking our badasses. And as we are doing so, cars are looking at us strangely. Well not the actual cars, because if that were to happen I’m trading in my car for something different. So there it is, the coolness of rock and roll sitting in 3 seats jamming away. Now most people don’t think its possible for 3 women to be in tune singing but yes we were. And if someone says other wise, we know how to poke your eye out in sign language. So the tunes keep going, Whomp (there it is), and the best of ever Cutting Crew, (I just died in your arms tonight). Did you know that song can be very dramatic, I’m talking about tele-novella dramatic. So yes it can be down right hysterical. But out of all of them Ini Kamoze was the best.

It wasn’t the tune that made it great, or that it was the theme song of our trip. It was watching Trix, our favorite blonde ever, doing a rap stint for the song. There is a list of things Trix should never do. Rapping to Ini Kamoze is one of those things. Saying she’s the lyrical gansta is the other. It was wrong, so very wrong but so damn hysterical. Honey though, does some of the world’s best head banging to Bon Jovi. She has officially won a spot in my heart for that solely.

We got back late and were completely exhausted and looking back I must say it was THE best trips on the record.

Up next…..New Orleans…..can anyone say hella yeah?

I sure can.

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