Friday, August 15, 2008

New Review on Torrid Teasers 44!

Smoldering Ember - Five years after their divorce, Cassandra and Ethan Vance still have an estranged relationship. In a single conversation with her ex-husband, Cassandra discovers why Ethan had to give up everything in his life, including their marriage. Coming to terms with secrets and truths, both Cassandra and Ethan learn that there are some fires that can never be extinguished.

Touch of Fire - Katherine (Kat) O'Brien has moved on after a terrible, life-threatening relationship. Relocated with a new life, she learns her ex-boyfriend, Jared, has escaped from jail. She's now the target of revenge, and the one man she has pushed out of her heart is the one she needs to help her survive. Will Kat touch the fire she once knew, even if it means revisiting a painful memory?


In Smoldering Ember, Ms. Ramos gives us a strong, curvaceous real life heroine, Cassandra, who has been hit with a heavy blow. However she’s come through it even stronger than she was before, with the help of a dear friend, Kat. Now she has a major decision to make about her ex-husband Ethan and the new love in her life, Noah. A lot of unanswered questions are revealed and she’ll let the fire that’s been raging inside her finally come unleashed.

A very satisfying ending. I was able to immediately connect with the heroine and understand her pain, as well as the decisions that she made. Great quick read.

Ms. Ramos, gives us a tale about Cassandra’s best friend, Kat, in Touch of Fire, a fiery red-head who’s decided to take her life back. She’ll have even more healing to do than she thought, but in the end it was all worth it.

Two fabulous short reads that give us the kick-butt sexy heroines, a little heartache, and some mystery, readers will enjoy taking part in.

Five Delightful Divas

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