Sunday, April 06, 2008

The funny side of writer's block lol.

Everyone has it, moments where in the middle of the story everything stops; all thought process. It can be for a story, a paper, or even trying to figure out an idea.

The last time I had this it lasted for three months, currently this block is about 2 weeks old. What causes writer's block? Is it a sudden shut down of the brain, or maybe its that all the neurons have decided to throw a coup? What ever it is, it can drive a person crazy. As it is doing to me right now at this moment.

Its very disconcerting and frustrating to walk by your manuscript and see it laughing at you. Or maybe that's just me and my over active imagination. :D There I am almost at the home plate, almost completely finished not with one but THREE stories, and then....blank.

System error: not enough memory.

Usually during this time I catch up on sleep, lay about and watch TV, read other books or several other hobbies. Sometimes I do get the evil grin of mischief and become hell bent on driving everyone else nuts.

Personally I don't mind driving other people bonkers, it makes for quite an interesting day.

Unfortunately though, I think they've enjoyed my short little excursions out to Starbucks-ville where a mocha-frap will calm the antsy side of me.

Now what am I doing in the meantime? I am looking over people's shoulders and wondering what they're up to. Of course the grim look of being pestered is one I'm used to lol, but it makes for a lively day.

Quoting a quite infamous saying when your stuck on a trip taking forever "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Only in this case the saying has changed. "How about now...are you ready to write?" Then nothing until two seconds later I ask it again.

Yes, this writer is bugging herself to death lol. Oh well, I just have to wait this one out. As much as most people say you should free think ideas, write things down or re-read a story to get back into the state of things; I can't. I actually have to forget the story for a while so I can go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes and ideas.

So to my little coup up in my head...though I know your celebrating, I will concede.

You win...for now.

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