Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got a map??

I have a strange habit. Besides the usual ones normally displayed on the day to day.lol. Anyhoo, I like looking at different parts of the map and really looking at the culture and background of where my interest is caught.

I was looking at the site map on the right bottom column. I love trying to see different places and reading up about the area. If I can literally travel there, then I'm going to read up enough so I can get close to it! Thanks to those who pinned their location. You've given me great reading material!

U.S.A. (all of those in the cities *evil grin* MUAHAHAHAHA)
Puerto Rico (CON ORGULLO!!!!! Hey cmon I'm Puerto Rican, it was expected)
United Kingdom

Thank you, thank you! If you have any points of interest please let me know!

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