Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its started one night....the voooices

Thank you to those who wished well. I'm getting better. And a good sign of that is that as a writer, your characters wont shut up.

Sometimes the thoughts of a writer are not only funny but pretty darn interesting when you're somewhat bored.

I have been working on a manuscript and just taking breaks here and there while doing several other things at once.

I personally love it when you're laying in bed and one of the character voices of books your writing starts speaking. :D I personally think the abstract or blobby outline of the character before it is well defined comes out just like this. Now other fellow writers will understand this quite well and actually not only will they understand but some sympathize. In psychology they consider voices to be a bad thing. To writers, its a heaven times. lol.

So I'm sitting there having a full fledge conversation with my characters. And sometimes its kinda cool when you are trying to develop characters and their "voices" evolve. And as they slowly begin to unravel not only do their lives open up to you but everything about them does as well.

Sometimes i wonder if when a character comes to like if its anything like the movie Stranger than Fiction. I adored that movie because I felt like Emma Thompson's character sometimes. Really getting into the head of the character to know what's going to happen to them next. Then other times I wonder, if this is a real character in some other type of dimensional zone, I wonder if I myself am a character.

LOL dont worry i'm like this. Its those philosophical loop holes i get myself into. Keeps life interesting.

Okay I'm off, time to watch a movie!

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