Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy is not just a state of mind.

Yes indeed, and that is correct.

It amazing how sometimes writing goes in spurts. Some days you will have the creative words flying off the page and your try to run after it but they take off faster than Michael Johnson. Other days, the muses are rather sarcastic and laugh their butts off when you want them to work. Anyone ever had this happen to them.

That is the current state of this writer's mind. And when I saw writer, a sense of pride goes through me. Though I am still learning the tricks of the trade, I admit those tricks are pretty bad a$$. lol. Now promotion is a demon that shall be conquered. Hmm I wonder if I can hire someone to do it lol. Okay so my concept of conquering is different from everyone elses lol. But hey a girl can dream can't she!!

Well Glass of Infinity is almost over. Almost being the operative word. But the rest of teh stories are coming along beautifully.

The life of a writer, better than Hallmark and longer than an American Express commercial.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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