Monday, March 19, 2007

Review for the Blue Noir Digest!!!

Blue Noir Midnight Showcase Erotic-ahh Digest Vol. 07-02 ED

Brighid Parkinson, Jewel Adams, Olivia Lorenz, Mae Powers, Mila Ramos
Erotic romance anthology
Available from Midnight Showcase
ISBN: 1555-5496
February 2007
Rating: 4 Hearts (out of five)
Sensuality Rating: Explicit

In each of the following stories the characters go to an old theatre and find their lives forever changed:

In Do You Believe in Magic? by Jewel Adams, Ali finds that she and her god-daughter have been transported back in time to the old west. She is rescued from wild Indians by a handsome Calvary officer Captain Clay Banyon. There she must try to survive while keeping her secret of time-travel which becomes increasingly difficult the closer she gets to Clay.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch by Brighid Parkinson involves two people that find themselves switched with two people from a different time. Charlene goes from modern day woman to working in an old west brothel. Wil finds a train ride takes in back in time where he meets and falls for a beautiful working girl. As they become closer they realize they have more in common that they could have ever imagined.

Castleblanca by Mae Powers takes Sila in search of a missing friend and finds herself magically transported to an alternate world. There she meets up with Ryk who just happens to strongly remind her of Humphrey Bogart. This is a story of vampires and demons that plays out like a holographic game that Sila programs every day. Ryk and Sila find themselves getting up close and personal.

Reel-to-Reel by Mila Ramos takes a Moira who is suffering from amnesia and reunites her with her husband who helps her to remember who she is and where she is from. She discovers she is a long way from home. She will have to decide if she wants to return to a world she thought had forgotten her or continue with the new life she has made for herself.

Femme Fatale by Olivia Lorenz involves Sophie and her sister Jennifer being transported back in time where Jennifer is accused of being a murderer. Sophie will find herself working extra close with PI Kit Renard to prove her sister’s innocence.

Blue Noir Midnight Showcase Erotic-ahh Digest Vol. 07-02 ED gives the readers the feeling of sitting back in an old theatre with a box of popcorn. It is easy to imagine a slow easy day where the imagination is given free reign to take the reader on an adventure that in reality can only be dreamed about. This is a creative group of stories that offers a little something for everyone including some exciting cliffhangers. From action and adventure to steamy romance readers are sure to find something that will get their attention. Some stories they might like more than others but that will just depend on a personal preference pertaining to genre.

For readers that enjoy time- travel back in time readers have, Do You Believe in Magic?, readers will find themselves in an exciting heart touching story that takes place in the old west. There is also Meanwhile Back at the Ranch that is a little more modern but still gives the sense of the saloon girl in a time right before prohibition. This story is filled with humor and hot romance. Moving forward in time readers will enjoy Femme Fatale that has the reader imagining the old Sam Spade PI movies. For readers enjoyment there is Castleblanca which is a combination of Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and a vampire computer game complete with Rick’s place or should that be Ryk? I just kept waiting for them to say “Play it again Sam.” For something similar but different, readers will enjoy Reel-to Reel with beings that have come to Earth using a portal at an old theatre. This is a suspenseful story that just includes enough intrigue to leave the reader guessing and anxiously awaiting the next story in the series. This is another hot one with plenty of sexy scenes to thrill the readers.

Each and every one of these stories has something to offer the readers. I could say I liked some more than others but again that is just personal preference. The stories work well together to transport readers to a simpler time of old serial movies. I encourage readers to sit back and enjoy Blue Noir Midnight Showcase Erotic-ahh Digest Vol. 07-02 ED the perfect book for a lazy weekend.

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