Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Secret a Erotica Reviewer

Its better than being a super-agent or even the Queen of Sheba.

I'm an Erotica Reviewer.

What does that entail? Well for one free books, but also I love reading how some people can take an idea and just make it grow. How they can take the idea and make it come to life. I have read some far out ideas made books and the first thing that has come to my mind is..."WHOA!!!" or sometimes its just the usual "Okay that is just freakin cool."

Usually I have a joke or something what being a reviewer is like; long hours, strenuous deadlines...*snort* nah nothing like that. More like a cup of coffee...or a glass of wine, and some good reading. Now the times I've been with my boyfriend those were some freakin A good nights!!! heheh but mostly its just some good reading.

I'm a reviewer for one of the ebook companies relatively known. Nope can't say cause....well I dont wanna. lol.

Alot of the reviews I've been getting lately have rocked and touched me truly. I think people are really seeing that I review a book in truth honestly and hope any comments that come out is only meant to help the author. I've seen many times books redone for whatever reason and would like those to know that if its redone, I hope its been some words I've said that help.

But then there are those authors who've just written kick ass stories that deserve to know that hard work has also helped. Now those authors that do a great job, deserve those comments too. I guess its me, but a review deserves the open heart and dedication that the writer put into it. It shouldn't be careless because you dont know if they're resting something on what you say.

Word of mouth, very powerful.

It made my day those thanks for reviews. I was really touched. *smile*


Ana said...

Hola Mila, I am also from Puerto Rico(Luquillo). I am a reader of all kinds of books, from erotica, paranormal to horror.I am looking forward to reading one of your books soon. By the way your website is fantastic.

Mila Ramos said...

Hey Ana,

Thanks for the comment. SOrry its taken so long to reply been SUPER busy. Hey I hope you come around the site again and leave more notes. would be great to talk to ya.