Monday, May 29, 2006

It starts with an idea.

There are things you learn as a writer that are very dangerous.

The ideas coming out of nowhere is one of them. Mostly they happen when you watch a movie, a show, or worst yet; goofing off with friends. So there you are in the middle of another story and the great idea pops into your mind. Now this idea doesn't just pop into your mind and say hello, it screams yells and demands attention. So you give it attention and it does the starts explaining ideas.

Now do realize there are many things you can do to stop yourself from going overboard. Talking to yourself doesn't work. Stopping the idea mid-sentence doesn't work. So instead of running around with your ears plugged and humming ridiculous tunes, you listen to the idea. Now this is a bad idea becuase guess what happens. You start bugging your editors with all these insane ideas.

*evil grin as I look at my editors emails* Ohhh the power. The ideas...the power!!!! hehehehe

*muah* Mila.

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