Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanking everyone.

I've been busy working on a lot. I have finally been working on my stories. Work has given me time to relax and now I can concentrate. I had a major writer's block and personally I hate it when that happens. I dont know if most authors have that you know to the degree where you completely stop any work done. I thought it was pretty bad, almost a month and a half I think. Everything is going great and then BOOM it all stops; the factory is no longer working.

A friend got that BOOM going again. I love it when everything starts flowing and it turns the work that was previously a problem into yesterdays's news.

Things have also been built with wonderful ease. Its mostly to those who are completely techno advanced than I am. The blog here is up and running thanks to Jenn, Charissa, Meme's (all great authors) and other people I've gotten to know and havne't mentioned. Got some kick ass banners thanks to Dee Garcia (another author).

I've really been blessed to have great friends. I always thought that when you have a trade it was suppose to be a cut-throat territory, that competitive edge in which you have to make sure your number one. It doesn't feel that way to me, and it might change as I get more and more into the world of writing. Yes you want your stuff to be the best, but it is completely least to me, when another person is helping you to make it the best.

I just turned in a short story for Whiskey Press, and Charissa, Jenn and a friend Cass helped me see the errors I've made. Grammar is still kicking my butt years after 6th grade English but I have most of those small niches conquered. That's just cool. :D

On a funny note, I got in the mail, Romance Book for Dummies. Why? You know I really dont know but it is pretty interesting and I admit easy to read. I like how they describe plot, character settings, about characters. Though I dont have a formal degree in English, I do have two bachelor degrees in science; Biochemistry and Chemistry. Both degrees have taught me to research the bejeez out of anything and to make sure I understand it to extreme detail. Hence all the books. I do recommend it, though informative, it is a hoot.

Now that I have a better handle on this blog thing, I will be writing more often. *smile*

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